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About Indian RERA

Indian RERA Forum is a dedicated platform for the players of the real estate sector including builders, developers, promoters, agents, practitioners, students and buyers. The forum has been formed with an objective to give support, guidance and mentorship to stakeholders engaged in the real estate sector and to facilitate knowledge sharing among them

Indian RERA Forum has been established to enhance accountability and transparency with respect to housing transactions and real estate while promoting the Government’s initiative of “Housing for all”. We aim to bring transparency, security, fairness, quality and confidence in the real estate sector.

The main objectives of the Indian RERA Forum are as follows:

• Knowledge sharing to bridge the information gap among the real estate stakeholders through various programmes and initiatives.
• Facilitates the revival of stuck real estate projects.
• Provides a platform to facilitate fast-track dispute resolution.
• Brings PAN India RERA forums under one roof so that every stakeholder from every state can benefit from the shared knowledge, best practices, expert guidance and vast network.
• Helps to bridge the communication gap between the developers and the buyers and improves trust between them.
• Facilitates the protection of interest of home buyers and thereby boosts real estate investments.
• Provides a platform to discuss the challenges and issues faced by the real estate stakeholders and the best practices adopted by them.
• Facilitates the development of state level RERA awareness forum and empowers people

No matter what your situation is, we are here to help you through knowledge sharing and networking!

Welcome to Indian RERA

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